Finally Facing the Sun

If you are reading this, thank you and welcome to my page.  My journey has been a difficult one, but I have been blessed throughout my entire process.  Since starting this journey  this January, 2017, I have gone through what felt like an emotional roller coaster.  I went from keeping my diagnosis a secret, being in denial and ignoring the truth about having cancer, pretending to live to semi-normal life while inside worrying about what having cancer meant for me, to having all of those around me know and care and reach out.  The journey was overwhelming and although after my final surgery I am currently cancer free, it is far from over.  During my last visit at the Cancer Treatment Center of America I was fortunate enough to meet another sarcoma cancer survivor.  She was positive, uplifting, encouraging and above all else motivating.  One thing she stated that stuck with me is “sarcoma is such an unknown and rare cancer, we all need to stick together”.  We wear our sunflowers with pride.  I thought about her words for the days following our conversation.  I did some research and decided that sticking together is just what I plan to do.  There were many times throughout my journey that I had google imaged the results of having the type of surgery necessary for me to become cancer free.  I spent many nights google searching images of what a muscular flap procedure would look like, images of legs after radiation treatment and having a skin graft. (Lord knows google searching these images does nothing but terrify you and give the worst case scenario).  I also spent the time on the phone with countless friends and family describing what little I knew was going to happen.  Trying to describe something I myself didn’t fully understand and to be honest was terrified about.

All of these situations are my reason for this project.  With this blog I hope to give insight to this “unknown” community and possibly help someone just like me.  I have created this blog with information and pictures of what sarcoma is, but I also have the second phase of my project under way.  I have created a Youtube channel that will track my day one experience with cancer, all the way through to my surgery and beyond.  Please join me as I strive to remain strong, hopeful and move to face the life-giving rays of the sun as Sunflowers do best.

Image result for sunflowers facing the sun

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